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2016-05 Goldie's Gallery, Puppies Puppies

2016-04 Pfizer Building (group show)

2016-03 Still Alice, Outpost, Norwich

2016-02 Queer Thoughts at Material Art Fair, Mexico City

2016-02 Paramount Ranch with Freddy

2016-02 Bienal de Nicaragua

2016-01 XYZcollective, Tokyo

2016-01 Is this living, The Approach, London (group show)

2015-12 What Pipeline at NADA, with Nolan Simon

2015-12 Rib, Rotterdam (group show)

2015-12 Magic Lantern Cycle, Halle Fur Kunst, Luneberg

2015-11 Cool Invitations 2, XYZ Collective, Tokyo

2015-10 Frozen, Vilma Gold

2015-10 Albino Burmese Python performance (9800 Sepulveda)

2015-09 SAIC Alumni Show curated by Scott and Tyson Reeder

2015-09 HorseshoeCrabs HorseshoeCrabs at Freddy

2015-09 Gollum, Queer Thoughts

2015-07 Et Al Group Show

2015-06 Neue Alte Bruecke, Puppies Puppies

2015-06 Minerva Group Show Puppies Puppies

2015-06 Levy Delval Group Show Brussels

2015-06 Egg at Essex Street

2015-06 Eat Me, Oslo 10

2015-05 Movies in May Group Show Nosbaum Reding Projects, Luxembourg

2015-05 Futura Group Show

2015-05 Caribic Residency : Lifesport Athens, Greece

2015-04 What Pipeline Green Puppies Puppies

2015-04 Queer Thoughts Arcadia Missa Group Show

2015-04 HorseshoeCrabs HorseshoeCrabs at SPF15

2015-03 Small Sculpture Shane Campbell

2015-03 Independent Art Fair, Neue Alte Bruecke with Philipp Timischl and Magnus Andersen

2015-02 Paramount Ranch What Pipeline (with Tom Humphreys)

2015-02 Paramount Ranch Californian Sauron

2015-02 Love, Bob Esponja Material Art Fair with Queer Thoughts

2015-02 Hollywood Hills House Performances and Works

2015-02 Group Show at Toves (50 Shades of Grey Wallpaper)

2015-01 Rainbow Nicaragua Queer Thoughts

2015-01 No Space Curated Group Show

2014-12 Bergen Kunsthall Group Show (video works) curated by Will Benedict

2014-10 What Pipeline Sunday Fair with Will Benedict

2014-10 Welcome Screen Group Show

2014-10 Voldemort on Lunesta Evelyn Yard

2014-10 The Office Group Show Paris

2014-10 Courtney Blades Gollum Bathroom Puppies Puppies

2014-09 Puppies Puppies Newcity Cover

2014-09 Grand Century Group Show

2014-07 Important Projects Puppies Puppies

2014-05 May 29 1401 S State St Unit 508

2014-02 Queer Thoughts Puppies Puppies Material Art Fair

2014-02 Lodos Material Art Fair

2014-01 Little Nassau Group Show Puppies Puppies

2013-09 Puppies Puppies Autumn Space Autumn Space

2013-08 They Shapes Group Show

2013-07 Oliver Francis Gallery Puppies Puppies Blue

2013-04 MFA Show

2012-06 Zoo Queer Thoughts